shapeimage_6Welcome to SalivaTestKitsStore.com, the website to help you achieve hormonal health the natural way. Here you can consult with Kathryn R. DeSantis, our Nurse Practitioner.  Kathryn will assist you in determining which test kit is best for you.

You can purchase and have shipped your own saliva test kit, then UPS it to a diagnostic lab for analysis. Then, once your lab results are available, Kathryn will order your uniquely compounded BHRT prescriptions to help you start feeling better and more like yourself again!

It’s simple, it’s natural, it’s efficient. Choose optimal health today by visiting our store and get your saliva test kit today.

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When it comes to women’s health, hormone balancing is crucial for emotional well-being.

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For optimal heart health, men need testosterone replacement therapy for increased energy, motivation and overall enjoyment of life.


How to Collect Your Sample

Blood Spot Test Kit

Blood Spot Test Kit

Saliva Test Kit

Saliva Test Kit

shipping_box_branded$10 Shipping p/Kit within the U.S.

$25 p/kit for international orders.

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